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Art cities
Treviso Car tour and free walk around the city Durata consigliata: 3 hours

A stroll in the regional nature park of the River Sile, seeing the charming ancient burci (flat-bottomed river boats) as they gracefully age near the banks. Then, an aperitif on the shores of the small lake before transferring to the town centre of Treviso for lunch. In the afternoon we will go to see the renaissance Castle of Roncade, where you can savour the best wines of Treviso.

Verona Car tour on the hills and city free walk Durata consigliata: 5 hours

Whether it’s the house of Juliet or the Arena, Verona offers a bewildering array of historical sites within the town walls. Breakfast in Piazza delle Erbe square and then a visit to the Torricelle hills which surround the city. From here you can take in breath-taking views.

Vicenza Car tour and free walk around the city Durata consigliata: 4 hours

Vicenza, the city of Palladio, offers an artistic heritage almost equal to that of Venice itself. The Olympic Theatre and Palladian Basilica are just a glimpse of the historical centre, which is crossed by Corso Palladio. Along this avenue is a special combination of shopping, dining and antiquity. On the way back, it is interesting to visit the Sanctuary of Monte Berico and Villa la Rotonda.

Padova Car tour and free walk around the city Durata consigliata: 3,5 hours

Only 40 minutes from Venice. The ideal itinerary takes in a visit to the Scrovegni Chapel and the nearby Chiesa degli Eremitani church. Then, passing through the nearby Piazza Garibaldi square, we will enter the historical centre, where we can take a break at the historic Caffè Pedrocchi. Then, we will arrive at Piazza delle Erbe, and finally reach the Basilica del Santo, completing the walk in Prato della Valle (one of the largest squares in Europe).

Pordenone Car tour and free walk around the city Durata consigliata: 4 hours

For lovers of contemporary history, there is the opportunity to visit the places of the Vajont dam tragedy of 1963, where a commemorative path for the victims has been created. We will then stop at Lake Barcis, and finally reach the ancient town of Pordenone.

Sirmione, Bardolino, Desenzano Car tour and boat trip Durata consigliata: 5,5 hours

A walking tour among the walls of the enchanting town of Sirmione accompanied by our guides, a lunch in the best restaurant of the old town centre, and a boat ride to Lazise or Bardolino. Alternatively, we can drive along the shores of Lake Garda, enjoying the atmosphere of the lake with its ever-changing sceneries.

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Misurina, Auronzo Car tour and luch by the lake Durata consigliata: 8 hours

A comfortable journey to reach Cortina d’Ampezzo, the pearl of the Dolomites. Here you can immerse yourself in the elegant atmosphere of the prestigious shopping street Corso Italia. For lunch, a plate of casunziei, a delicious Ampezzan filled fresh pasta speciality, with melted butter and poppy seeds. Then up to Lake Misurina, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (three peaks of Lavaredo) and, on the way back, a short stop at Auronzo di Cadore, and its beautiful lake.

Jesolo Lido e Caorle Car tour and free seaside walk Durata consigliata: 3,5 hours

Jesolo Lido and Caorle are two of the most famous beaches in Northern Italy. A morning walk through the streets of the historical centre of Caorle and then a lunch in one of the great local restaurants. In the afternoon, a perfect stop in Jesolo Lido, where you will take a walk along Via Bafile, a long pedestrian boulevard near the beach which offers a wealth of shops: perfect for shopping lovers.

Bolzano, Brunico, San Candido Car tour and ascent by cable car Durata consigliata: 8 hours

We will reach the city of Bolzano for a visit during the morning, then enter the Puster Valley (an area of great interest in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol) by passing through Bressanone. Along the valley it is worth mentioning the location of Bruneck, called the “pearl” of the Upper Puster Valley. Finally, we will reach San Candido, a pretty ski town, to then return to the starting point passing through Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Isola di Albarella, Bosco della Mesola Car tour and natural hike Durata consigliata: 5 hours

In this natural oasis, birdwatchers and natural photographers can make interesting sightings, while walking enthusiasts can stroll scenic routes through the protected areas of the park, enjoying the specialities of the local cooking in one of the many typical restaurants.

Art and history
Treviso, Castelfranco, Maser, Possagno Car tour and museum visit Durata consigliata: 4 hours

Leaving Venice, we will discover almost a thousand years of history on the way, where you can admire about twenty of the best villas of the noble Venetians, like Villa Emo, designed by Palladio. Then, proceeding northwards, we will visit Tomba Brion (an historical monument by the late architect Carlo Scarpa), Villa Barbaro in Maser, and finally the plaster cast museum-gallery containing Antonio Canova’s works in Possagno.

Mira, Dolo, Fiesso d'Artico, Strà Car tours and villas visit Durata consigliata: 4 hours

After leaving Venice, we will drive along the Brenta Riviera, a road along the river Brenta marked by the most significant Palladian villas which opens up the history of the Italian Renaissance. The tour continues to Padua, where we will visit such landmarks and masterpieces as the Scrovegni Chapel, or to Vicenza and Verona.

Aquileia, Grado, Redipuglia, Trieste Car tour and monuments visit Durata consigliata: 5 hours

This visit includes areas of interest related to different historical periods: Aquileia that gives a glimpse into Roman and medieval civilizations, the Grado lagoon and Redipuglia, with the grandeur of its memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Great War. Duino Castle and Miramare will be the last stops where, besides the amazing views, you can appreciate the architecture of the mansions on the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Wine tour
San Pietro in Cariano, Negrar Valpolicella Car tour and wine tasting Durata consigliata: 5 hours

Let us drive you to the production area of the best Italian wines, such as Amarone, Valpolicella and Recioto. The visit will take you to see the wine production process through savouring stops at the most famous wineries, such as Villa Mosconi-Bertani and Foresteria Serego-Alighieri.

Valdobbiadene, Vidor, Conegliano Car tour and wine tasting Durata consigliata: 4 hours

Valdobbiadene and Conegliano hills have been recently been declared UNESCO Heritage, together with the wine there produced: the Prosecco DOCG. This tour offers you two ways to live them: the first one and more luxurious “Trattoria alla cima” or the second and more rustic “Osteria senza Oste”. Regardless of the option chosen option, the tour will end with a visit to Col Vetoraz winery or, if requested, any other of the numerous winery in the area.